What is Block Vault?

The safest and smartest way to store your backup key phrases for your crypto currency wallets.

Block Vault makes it safe and easy to store the phrases you have as backups of your crypto currency wallets (your "word list"). Block Vault solves your backup issue if you are using a hardware device like a Trezor, KeepKey, or Ledger Nano, or a software wallet like Jaxx, Bread, Exodus to store your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other currencies.

The problem with that list of 12, 15, 18, 21 or 24 words that you use to backup your crypto wallet is that you need to keep it safe. If it gets stolen, you could be out a lot of money. If it gets lost or destroyed, same problem. Some people have suggested splitting the list into two parts, and storing them in separate locations. The only problem with that solution is you just doubled your chances of loss or destruction (since the loss of either list will lead to the loss of everything). If you instead store your entire word list in two or more locations, you just increased your chance of theft by at least a factor of two.

Both of these "solutions" do nothing to address the $5 wrench problem...

Block Vault helps solve all these issues by using a data property known as parity. Using data parity, we generate three word lists (what we call the backup keys) from your single backup phrase. Any single list is worthless on its own, but with any 2 of 3, you can recover your backup phrase (you don't even have to keep track of which list is which, Block Vault automatically reassembles them correctly). Now you can store your backup in multiple parts in multiple locations, all while increasing durability and security. You can even use a device like Cryptosteel or ColdTi for one or more of the backups to increase durability further.

Best of all, Block Vault can make each of the 3 backup keys it generates for your original key appear to be valid backup phrases by themselves. This way, anyone who steals one of your Block Vault backup phrases, even by force, will believe they got access to your "wallet", though all they will have is the key to nothing.

Here's how Block Vault's Patent Pending process works:

  1. You enter your the backup phrase (BIP 39 Mnemonic) you have to backup your Trezor, KeepKey, or Ledger Nano, or software wallet like Jaxx, Bread, Exodus into Block Vault. Block Vault uses no third party APIs, and never transmits or stores the information you enter. If you forget to clear the data, the app automatically erases everything you entered after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  2. Utilizing the language appropriate word list (Block Vault supports every official language used in the BIP 39 standard), your backup phrase is encoded at the bit level, with each word represented by 11 bits.
  3. The bit level encoding from Step 2 is split into two parts, either by taking the first half and second half of the encoding (the first n bits in group 1, and the next n bits in group 2) if the "Easy Method" is selected, or by alternating bits (the first bit to group 1, the second bit to group 2, the next bit to group 1, the next bit to group 2, repeating until the end of the encoding) if the "Bit Mix Method" is selected.
  4. These two encodings are appended with bits representing the type of the encoding, and which position in the original encoding each of the encoding represents.
  5. The encodings are further appended with a checksum of the encoding from step 3 of x number of bits, such that the length of the encoding represents a multiple of 11 bits, with a minimum of 8 bits of checksum (for example, a 24 word list is first represented as 264 bits, is split into two lists of 132 bits, appended with 3 bits of information, and then appended with an 8 bit checksum).
  6. The two encodings from Example Step V are used with the XOR function at the bit level to determine a third encoding (the "Parity" encoding).
  7. Each of these encodings is optionally padded with additional bits in order to generate a mnemonic that is valid according to the BIP 39 specification and is of a specific length (the solution to the "$5 Wrench Problem"). The number of bits to pad is determined as the desired length in words times 11 minus the length of the encoding before padding in bits. The checksum length is determined as the remainder of ((desired length in words times 11) divided by 32). To determine the padded bits, the SHA512 hash of the original encoding is calculated. We take from this the first number of bits equal to the number of bits to pad minus the checksum length. This segment of bits is added to the original encoding. We then calculate the SHA256 of this encoding, and take the first number of bits equal in length to the checksum length, and add this to the padded encoding. The resulting mnemonic is tested against the recovery routine to verify that it generates the original encodings from Step V or Step VI. If the result is not correct, the padding is re-computed using a SHA256 hash of the original encoding.
  8. These encodings (from either Example Step V and VI, or VII) are then translated to human readable form by using 11 bits of information at a time and the word list from Step 2 to generate each Backup Phrase in human readable form.
  9. Utilizing the above steps in reverse, any 2 of the 3 phrases from Step 8 may be used to recover the original Mnemonic.

Keep your crypto currency wallet backup safe and secure! Download Block Vault today.

Features & Details

Built for security, designed for durability.


Disasters or simple loss concerns go away as you durably store your mnemonic in multiple parts.


No longer is theft of your mnemonic as simple as compromising a single location.


All 3 backup keys generated are valid backup phrases themselves, fooling would be thieves.

Crypto Wallet Compatible

Block Vault supports any mnemonic: 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 words long.

Multi Language

Every mnemonic language word list is natively supported.


All of your backup keys are generated on your device, and wiped away as soon as you tap Clear Data.

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Keep your crypto currency wallet safe and secure! Download Block Vault today.



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